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Redefining The Economics Of Global Mobility

Remember the last time you used your Mobile phone while traveling overseas? Of course You do! How could you forget that staggering phone
bill? Let’s erase that nightmare and make international travel as enjoyable as it ought to be. Get online anywhere, anytime on our mobile devices and Experience convenience, Value and quality all wrapped up in our innovative Products and services. We save you over 85% of roaming charges. Achieve more with Aapic.

Select Best mobile solution from a wide range of high tech products

Everything you need is included in our Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphones. From SD slot, 4G LTE, wifi, Quad band, we offer a variety of products to keep you truly mobile. Our high performance tablets are fully loaded with high graphics, HDMI, SD slot, Phone functionality, Aapic Voice, which makes everything convenient and easy to find. We feature an enterprising line of netbooks and all in one PCs along with chic accessories to complete your tech look.

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  • Smartphones

    Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphones with Faster Communication and Wider Network Spectrum.
  • Tablets

    Enjoy Elegant designs with Extreme Performance features.
  • Wifi Enhancer

    Experience the first innovative wifi enhancer in the market today.
  • Accessories

    Discover latest accessories to compliment your product for a complete high tech look.

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